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Women's Safety

20 January 2010 redlady 4 Comments Category :

As a woman who often traveling alone, I always prepare safety kits in my car. Flash light, first aid kits, booster cables, 6 in 1 adjustable wrench; these all stuffs are very important things that women must have in the car for safety. And there is still one thing women should bring inside their bag every time for self defense, pepper spray. Pepper spray is one of many options for women personal protection.

First time my friend suggested me to have it, I then looked for this stuff in many store, but I just can’t find it. Then my friend told me to buy it online in This site is really a useful site for women. Besides pepper spray, you can buy any safety and emergency equipment you need. They provide womens work clothes such as women’s socks, jackets, overalls and hats in many colors and models.

The women boots they provide are also beautiful. I like the women’s pink rain boots from Puddletons. This boots are 100% waterproof and the mud lug outsole is self cleaning and designed to give us traction in wet weather. And it’s fashionable, too. You can match it with any color of clothes you wear. I bought this boots and I recommend you to bought one, too.



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