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Gazebo in the Garden

24 October 2009 redlady 5 Comments Category : ,

The living room renovation has done. The bath room renovation is in progress. After it’s all done, the next thing I want to do is changing my garden appearance. It still looks good though, but I want to add something unique in it. Adding a gazebo within the garden sounds like a great idea. I like enjoying the morning sunshine in the terrace before I go to work. I wonder how cool it be if I can sip a cup of coffee from the gazebo while watching my plants grow, enjoying the humming of birds and see butterflies laying on the red rose plants.

Birds! Why don’t I give a place to bath for them? Yes, I want to put the bird bath near the gazebo. I remember just one place that provides everything I need to make my garden look beautiful. Shopwiki! No need to look to many places to find beautiful garden decors. Just visit Shopwiki to find all variant of garden accessories from garden hoses, bird baths, gazebos, stepping stones, planters and many other beautiful things for gardens.



  1. Thanks for the information. Very interesting...

  2. Good on you, Red Lady,

    I am a builder in London, who sadly do not have my own garden, (just yet). I have always wanted a gazebo's very much like the one you have shown in the photo with Spanish slates etc... I don't know how to put it, but for some reason it has a very soothing effect on me.

    I am glad you have concluded your renovation works, as I am fully aware how stressful they can be. Upload a few photos, if that is not too much too ask. (I love anything design.)

    Will check back soon.

    Martin, Preisler Construction Ltd.